Wanipigow Sand Extraction Project

The Wanipigow Sand Extraction project aims to mine high grade silica sand from the east side of Lake Winnipeg approximately 160 km northeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The proposed Wanipigow Sand Extraction open pit mining operation is location immediately adjacent to Hollow Water First Nation, Seymourville and Manigotagan and within the traditional territory of Hollow Water First Nation in Treaty #5 Territory.

Canadian Premium Sand is developing the proposed Wanipigow Sand Extraction project to provide high quality silica sand to the oil and gas industry for use as proppant in hydraulic fracturing fluid. Hydaulic fracturing is used to extract gas and oil from shale rock, a process commonly knowns as “Fracking”.

On December 31, 2018 Canadian Premium Sand submitted an Environment Act License proposal to the Province of Manitoba, a “Class 2 Development”. The Province of Manitoba is currently deciding whether or not to grant an Environment Act License or to require a full environmental assessment.

Camp Morning Star is advocating that the Province of Manitoba require a full Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed Wanipigow Sand Extraction project under the Environment Act.

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