Environmental Concerns

The proposed Wanipigow Sand Extraction project needs to go under a provincial and federal Environmental Assessment to assess risks to the general environment, the health of local residents and negative impacts to flora and fauna.

Risks to Wildlife

The area where Canadian Premium Sand proposed to construct the Wanipigow Sand Extraction project is habitat for moose, eagles, migratory song birds and many species of plants. In addition the areas meltwater and rainwater drain into and directly influence the water of Lake Winnipeg and the Wanipigow River. Both Lake Winnipeg and the Wanipigow River are home to many species of fish and mollusks. Moose have been in serious decline in Manitoba and are known to be negatively influenced by industrial activities. Many bald eagles construct large sticknests along the shorelines of Lake Winnipeg where they raise their young each summer. The proposed mining area is located within prime eagle habitat. A full Environmental Assessment needs to be done in order to assess the area for sticknests, moose calving areas, mineral licks, spawning grounds in the bog located in the proposed project area. In Canadian Premium Sand’s correspondence with the public as part of the Environment Act proposal process, they state that the area was only assessed using satellite images. Ground studies MUST be done in order to accurately assess and mitigate the environmental damage that may result from this project.