Camp MorningStar

Camp MorningStar was established on February 16, 2019 by several Hollow Water First Nation bandmembers with the construction of a teepee and the lighting of a sacred fire. The sacred fire is tended to 24/7 by fire keepers and has been burning since the camp’s establishment.

Camp MorningStar was established in Hollow Water First Nation Traditional Territory in response to the proposed Wanipigow Silica Sand Extraction Project. Wanipigow Silica Sand Extraction project is an open pit quarry that extracts silica sand for use in hydraulic fracturing of shale oil and gas. Canadian Premium Sand is the main proponent of the proposed project and anticipates that the project will be approved without a provincial or a federal environmental assessment.

Canadian Premium Sand has not engaged in free prior or informed consultation with the indigenous communities of Hollow Water First Nation and the Metis of Manigotagan but has instead chosen to circumvent a meaningful and informed consultation by obtaining a Band Council Resolution agreed to by only FIVE members of Hollow Water First Nation (Chief and Council). The Band Council Resolution may satisfy the provincial regulatory requirements for a simple quarry lease/permit but it does not satisfy a Duty to Consult under Section 35 of the Constitution.

Camp MorningStar was established to:

  1. Educate and unite indigenous communities affected by the proposed Silica Sand Extraction project
  2. Push for a provincial and federal environmental assessment of the proposed Silica Sand Extraction project
  3. Push for a meaningful and informed Section 35 consultation
camp morningstar